Before you can contribute, EA must have a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) on file that has been signed by each contributor. You can sign here: Go to CLA

If you want to be recognized for your contributions to EASTL or have a project using EASTL be recognized; you can submit a pull request to the appropriate sections in Some examples of what the format and information will look like is as follows.

  • John Smith -
  • John Smith
  • Frostbite - Electronic Arts
  • My Project - [link to said project]

Pull Request Policy

All code contributions to EASTL are submitted as Github pull requests. All pull requests will be reviewed by an EASTL maintainer according to the guidelines found in the next section.

Your pull request should:

  • merge cleanly
  • come with tests
    • tests should be minimal and stable
    • fail before your fix is applied
  • pass the test suite
  • code formatting is encoded in clang format
    • limit using clang format on new code
    • do not deviate from style already established in the files

Getting the Repository

EASTL uses git submodules for its dependencies as they are seperate git repositories. Recursive clones will continue until HD space is exhausted unless they are manually limited. It is recommended to use the following to get the source:

git clone
git submodule update --init

Running the Unit Tests

EASTL uses CMake as its build system.

  • Create and navigate to "your_build_folder":
    • mkdir your_build_folder && cd your_build_folder
  • Generate build scripts:
    • cmake eastl_source_folder -DEASTL_BUILD_TESTS:BOOL=ON
  • Build unit tests for "your_config":
    • cmake --build . --config your_config
  • Run the unit tests for "your_config" from the test folder:
    • cd test && ctest -C your_config

Here is an example batch file.

set build_folder=out
mkdir %build_folder%
pushd %build_folder%
call cmake --build . --config Release
call cmake --build . --config Debug
call cmake --build . --config RelWithDebInfo
call cmake --build . --config MinSizeRel
pushd test
call ctest -C Release
call ctest -C Debug
call ctest -C RelWithDebInfo
call ctest -C MinSizeRel

Here is an example bash file

mkdir $build_folder
pushd $build_folder
cmake --build . --config Release
cmake --build . --config Debug
cmake --build . --config RelWithDebInfo
cmake --build . --config MinSizeRel
pushd test
ctest -C Release
ctest -C Debug
ctest -C RelWithDebInfo
ctest -C MinSizeRel

The value of EASTL_BUILD_BENCHMARK can be toggled to ON in order to build projects that include the benchmark program.

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