Function from_uint64


#include <include/EASTL/bitset.h>

void from_uint64(uint64_t value)


No description yet.


Lines 2028-2035 in include/EASTL/bitset.h. Line 398 in include/EASTL/bitset.h.

template <size_t N, typename WordType>
inline void bitset<N, WordType>::from_uint64(uint64_t value)
    if((N & kBitsPerWordMask) || (N == 0)) // If there are any high bits to clear... (If we didn't have this check, then the code below would do the wrong thing when N == 32.
        mWord[kWordCount - 1] &= ~(static_cast<word_type>(~static_cast<word_type>(0)) << (N & kBitsPerWordMask)); // This clears any high unused bits. We need to do this so that shift operations proceed correctly.

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