Function swap


#include <include/EASTL/string.h>

void swap(this_type &x)


No description yet.


Lines 2609-2623 in include/EASTL/string.h. Line 552 in include/EASTL/string.h.

template <typename T, typename Allocator>
void basic_string<T, Allocator>::swap(this_type& x)
    if(get_allocator() == x.get_allocator() || (internalLayout().IsSSO() && x.internalLayout().IsSSO())) // If allocators are equivalent...
        // We leave mAllocator as-is.
        eastl::swap(internalLayout(), x.internalLayout());
    else // else swap the contents.
        const this_type temp(*this); // Can't call eastl::swap because that would
        *this = x;                   // itself call this member swap function.
        x     = temp;

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