Function detach


#include <include/EASTL/string.h>

pointer detach() EA_NOEXCEPT


Detach memory.


Lines 1466-1493 in include/EASTL/string.h. Line 666 in include/EASTL/string.h.

template <typename T, typename Allocator>
inline typename basic_string<T, Allocator>::pointer
basic_string<T, Allocator>::detach() EA_NOEXCEPT
    // The detach function is an extension function which simply forgets the
    // owned pointer. It doesn't free it but rather assumes that the user
    // does. If the string is utilizing the short-string-optimization when a
    // detach is requested, a copy of the string into a seperate memory
    // allocation occurs and the owning pointer is given to the user who is
    // responsible for freeing the memory.
    pointer pDetached = nullptr;
    if (internalLayout().IsSSO())
        const size_type n = internalLayout().GetSize() + 1; // +1' so that we have room for the terminating 0.
        pDetached = DoAllocate(n);
        pointer pNewEnd = CharStringUninitializedCopy(internalLayout().BeginPtr(), internalLayout().EndPtr(), pDetached);
        *pNewEnd = 0;
        pDetached = internalLayout().BeginPtr();
    AllocateSelf(); // reset to string to empty
    return pDetached;

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