Function CharTypeStringFindEnd


#include <include/EASTL/string.h>

static const value_type * CharTypeStringFindEnd(const value_type *pBegin, const value_type *pEnd, value_type c)


Replacements for STL template functions.

CharTypeStringFindEnd Specialized char version of STL find() from back function. Not the same as RFind because search range is specified as forward iterators.


Lines 3388-3400 in include/EASTL/string.h. Line 781 in include/EASTL/string.h.

template <typename T, typename Allocator>
const typename basic_string<T, Allocator>::value_type*
basic_string<T, Allocator>::CharTypeStringFindEnd(const value_type* pBegin, const value_type* pEnd, value_type c)
    const value_type* pTemp = pEnd;
    while(--pTemp >= pBegin)
        if(*pTemp == c)
            return pTemp;
    return pEnd;

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